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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Hampton, VA

A home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make, so it is important to understand the condition of your investment. When buying a home, you should always have a professional home inspection performed. You need to know exactly what you are getting. The professional home inspection will reveal any hidden problems with the home, so that they may be addressed before you close the deal. Ultimately, making your buying decision much easier and helping you to be more confident. Contact LOOK 4U to schedule your next Pre-Purchase Home Inspection.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Hampton, VA

Home inspections aren’t just for home buyers. Home sellers also gain peace of mind by investing in a thorough certified home inspection prior to putting a house up for sale. The last-minute discovery of problems by a prospective buyer can lead to time delays, added expenses and can even derail a deal altogether. Your best solution as a home seller is to have a thorough certified inspection done prior to putting the house on the market. This allows you to take care of issues with the building before they become a problem in negotiating a deal. Leave it to LOOK 4U for your next Pre-Sale Home Inspection.

Rental Property Inspection

Hampton, VA

As a landlord, performing property inspections is an important part of your job. Even if you have a great tenant, routine inspections can help prevent big problems down the road. They also indicate to a tenant the type of condition you expect the property to be returned in. It involves the landlord or the property manager periodically reviewing the property inside and out to assess the condition of the property. A rental property inspection is often conducted while the tenant is present, so they are informed of any issues or concerns that arise. Contact LOOK 4U to perform your next Rental Property Inspection

11 Month Warranty Home Inspection

Hampton, VA

New home buyers may not realize the importance of a builder warranty inspection. Or, if they already have a warranty, that the warranty will usually expire within the first year after closing. Getting your home warranty inspection at the end of the one-year expiration is your final opportunity to identify and inform your builder of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. Repairs including safety hazards should be documented by a professional home inspector. Leave it to LOOK 4U to perform your next 11 Month Warranty Home Inspection.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Hampton, VA

Even the most vigilant homeowner can, from time to time, miss small problems or forget about performing routine home repairs and seasonal maintenance. That’s why an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection will help you keep your home in the best condition and prevent it from suffering serious, long-term and expensive damage from minor issues that could be addressed now.  As time goes on, parts of your house will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak, or simply stop working. Leave it to LOOK 4U to perform your next Annual Home Maintenance Inspection.

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