Why Get an inspection?

Make a more informed decision

How old is the roof; the AC unit, water heater? Is there a moisture issue in the crawlspace? Were you able to determine this when you looked at the house? A thorough home inspection will answer these and many more questions you may not have even thought of.

Save money

That's right in many cases inspections identify deficiencies that may not be apparent when you looked at the house, a trained experienced inspector can help identify potential problems that taken care of when initially discovered will save you money before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Peace of Mind

Knowing more about the home prior to the final sale can give you comfort in knowing if you are investing consistant with the condition of the house.

Even if the House if brand new

Without a doubt! New houses are not perfect, in fact many new homes will have more deficiencies than older well maintained homes. And problems identified early in the process can be corrected quicker and with less expense. And if done before moving into the home at no inconvenience  to the home buyer.